Beyblade Beywheelz Crash Course Battle Set Review (Hasbro)

Beyblade Beywheelz Crash Course Battle Set
What It Is

Beywheelz takes Beyblade battle styles and flips them 90 degrees for three ways to battle: crash battle, stunt battle, and race battle. Instead of tops, Beywheelz are more like wheels. You launch a Beywheelz Battler on its side so that it will roll along like a wheel instead of spinning like the Beyblade tops. The launch mechanism is similar to that of Beyblade. Slide the ripcord through the Wheelz launcher and attach a Beywheelz Battler to the launcher so that the Beywheelz's "spirit axle," or side with the animal image on it, faces the launcher. Then pull back on the ripcord and watch the Beywheelz Battler fly off and roll away.

With the Beyblade Beywheelz Crash Course Set, kids can launch their Beywheelz into battles and perform stunts. The set includes a Crash Course BeyArena, a stunt goal, two blast pillars, two Wheelz launchers, and two exclusive Beywheelz Battlers. Kids can stand on both sides of the BeyArena and aim and launch their Beywheelz down the center ramp to watch the Beywheelz crash. Kids can also aim and launch their Beywheelz up the ramp and through the stunt goal. Attach one or both blast pillars to the stunt goal for a different challenge, or place the pillars on the floor and try to launch your Beywheelz through them.

The set also includes two collector cards that can be used to battle online at

Is It Fun?

There are many ways kids can set up the Beywheelz Crash Course Set in order to create different stunt, battle, and racing scenarios. Off of the BeyArena, we were impressed by how far the Beywheelz traveled once launched, which means kids will get some nice long BeyWheelz races. However, there is a learning curve to the launch process, and once kids have that mastered, there will be another learning curve to aiming the Beywheelz and launching them with the right amount of force to make them do different stunts and battles in the BeyArena.

Who It’s For

The Beywheelz Crash Course Battle Set is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The Beywheelz attach to the right side of the launcher with a place to hold the launcher on the left side. Kids who are left-handed might find it difficult at first to launch the Beywheelz because you use your left hand to hold the launcher and your right hand to pull the ripcord.

Do not play on tables or other elevated surfaces. Keep the area behind the ramps clear of people or other household objects. The Beywheelz may bounce up and hit you in the eyes or face.

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