Ben 10 Omnitrix Touch Review (Bandai)

What It Is

The Ben 10 Omnitrix Touch is based on the Omnitrix device Ben wears on his wrist to transform into various monsters on the show Ben 10. To play, put the Omnitrix on your wrist using the adjustable strap, then turn it on. The toy has three modes of play that you change by a switch. In the first mode, pressing different areas on the Omnitrix's dial names different monsters. There are seven spaces on the perimeter of the dial that are unmarked but arranged like a watch. Press one in the center space to name one of seven monsters. In the second mode, you hear random sound effects when you drag your fingers across the surface of the dial. In the third mode, entering the DNA code of different characters unlocks their voices. The DNA codes are found on other Ben 10 products, which are sold separately. There is also a port on the side where you can plug in a chip from feature action figures that are sold separately to activate more sounds.

Is It Fun?

For kids who are really into Ben 10 and pretending to be Ben, this can be an engaging toy. The Omnitrix Touch makes a great Halloween costume accessory as well as an imaginative toy for everyday pretend play.

Who It’s For

The Ben 10 Omnitrix Touch is for Ben 10 fans ages 4 and up. The Omnitrix Touch is big on an adult's wrist, so it's going to be even bigger on a 4-year-old's wrist.

What To Be Aware Of

Three button cell batteries are included.

The instructions are simple, but the instruction sheet in the unit we got was hard to read. It's confusing that to activate some of the features that kids have to press spots on the dial that are unmarked but more or less in the configuration of a typical analog watch. However, with a little practice, kids will get the hang of it quickly.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions


    3 Cell batteries required