Spy Net Ultra Vision Goggles Review (Jakks Pacific)

Spy Net Ultra Vision Goggles
What It Is

Yes, you can really see in the dark! And the technology is getting better than ever. The new, Spy Net Ultra-Vision, has more features and better performance than earlier versions of the toy. The goggles have day and night modes, which can both be set in three additional visual modes—Thermal-Tech, Ghost Recon, and basic Daytime Surveillance. In Thermal-Tech mode, images appear in a red "thermal vision." In Daytime Surveillance mode, see clear images of your subjects during the day or at night. In Ghost Recon mode, capture even the most shadowy of figures.

Features include an eyepiece for clear viewing, a stealth mode at night that lights up the scene with infrared, two ranges (long and short), and additional adjustments. Insert any size MicroSD card to save videos and still photos. A 2 GB MicroSD card (sold separately) can hold about 80 minutes of video or 10,000 images, according to Jakks.

Is It Fun?

Spy Net Ultra-Vision is packed with fun features that inspire a lot of imaginative play. Each visual mode distorts the image in a fun way. The ability to switch modes and adjustment settings also gives kids the power to customize the goggles to best suit them. Kids will also like that they can record videos and images in any Ultra-Vision visual mode, which gives added play value to the toy.

They work indoors or outdoors, and it doesn't have to be completely dark to see the effects.

Who It’s For

RealTech Spy Net Ultra Vision Goggles are for ages 8 and up.

Kids who enjoy spy play will probably have the most fun with these and play with them the most, but any kid (or adult, for that matter) is going to be wowed by the high performance of these goggles.

What To Be Aware Of

For all its high performance, this is still a toy. However, much of the technology is similar to what is used in real spy or combat situations.

The Thermal-Tech mode only changes the colors in an image and does not actually pick up the different temperatures of your subject.

Young kids should be supervised if playing outside after dark.

Four AA batteries are required. Batteries and MicroSD cards are sold separately.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Value

    4 AA batteries required