Teach Me Elmo Backpack Review (Accessory Innovations)

Teach Me Elmo Backpack
What It Is

The Teach Me Elmo Backpack is an activity toy and backpack in one. On the front of the backpack are three different activity zones where kids can button, tie, and zip. There are two side pockets, one with an ID label on it so kids can write in their names. The backpack also has a zippered main compartment and padded, adjustable shoulder straps. On the back, there is a removable ID label.

Is It Fun?

With this backpack, little kids can stay organized and practice buttoning, tying, and zipping, all activities that help children with fine motor skills. Kids will like having their very own backpack just like the big kids as well as seeing their own name on their backpack.

Who It’s For

The Teach Me Elmo Backpack is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The Teach Me Elmo Backpack is available exclusively at Target.

As with backpacks for older children, be careful not to overload it so that it weighs too much or is cumbersome for kids to carry.