Fishing Camp the Game Review (Education Outdoors)

What It Is

Fishing Camp the Game is a trivia board game that's all about fish. The object is to be the first person to travel from the docks, catch a fish or multiple fish, and get back to the docks with his or her catch. To earn fish, you must travel around the board answering trivia questions. The questions on the game cards are divided into four levels. Level one is the easiest and level four is the hardest. (The idea is to have the youngest players answer the easy questions and older players answer the harder questions. Players can choose what question levels they want to answer.)

To play, each person chooses their boat game piece and places it by the dock in the parking spot that matches the boat name. Then players take turns rolling the die and moving their boat around the board. If a player lands on a green lily pad, nothing happens and it's the next player's turn. If a player lands on an orange lily pad, that player attempts to answer one of the fishing camp questions. An example of a level one question is "What is the stuff that you put on the hook to catch fish called? a. Dinner b. Bait c. Dessert" If the player answers correctly and the card has a picture of a fish on it, that player keeps the card and rolls again. If the player answers incorrectly, it's the next player's turn. If a player lands on a Go to Shore Lunch Island spot, the boat needs to move to Shore Lunch Island Dock and the player will read a Fishing Camp fun fact for everyone to hear. This completes the turn.

A picture of a GPS can be found on some of the question cards. If a player answers one of these questions correctly, that player is awarded the special GPS card, which allows him to take the shortcut to the docks.

There is also a Honey Hole spot. If a player lands on this spot, he keeps drawing Fishing Camp question cards until he gets to a card with a fish icon on it. He then has to answer that question correctly in order to keep the fish card and roll again.

If a player makes it all the way around the board and gets to the dock first but has not caught any fish, the player can move his boat to the Last Chance Launch spot and start fishing again on his next turn.

Fishing Camp the Game comes with a game board, 100 fun facts cards, 100 question cards (50 have fish on them), an answer decoder, eight boat game pieces, a die, 16 levels cards, and a GPS card. The game can be played with up to eight players.

Is It Fun?

While we think this game is a good idea, it is poorly executed. There are many simple mistakes in the instructions, such as calling the orange lily pads yellow. "Catching" the fish is fun, but because you don't have to catch a certain number of fish before making it back to the pier, there is no incentive to catch the most fish or catch the biggest fish. If the game was retooled, it could be more fun. We do like that there are multiple question levels so that novice fishermen can play alongside older and more experienced fishermen.

Who It’s For

Fishing Camp the Game is for ages 4 and up. It will mostly appeal to families who enjoy fishing.

The questions are difficult, and we think that kids 4–8 will only be able to answer questions in the level 1 category.

What To Be Aware Of

Reading the Fun Facts cards can be interesting, but it isn't a vital part of the game. You can omit that part of the game if you want.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    Medium Difficulty