Colorforms Revolution HD Review (Out of the Blue Digital)

What It Is

Colorforms Revolution HD is a new iPad app that allows kids to experience Colorforms, vinyl adhesive shapes, marketed for generations under the Colorforms brand name, in a new way. There are four ways to play.

In Create Mode, kids create designs with more than 100 shapes, colors, patterns, and backgrounds. Drag or tap as many shapes into a picture as you like. You can also import your own photos. Once their design is complete, kids can then save and share their work on Facebook.

There are eight themed playsets in Play Sets Mode: jungle, underwater, picnic in the park, city/transportation, dinosaurs, my diary, medieval, and shapes. This mode also contains more than 180 themed stickers. Playsets can be saved so that kids can stop playing and come back to their playset later.

In Puzzle Boards Mode, kids can practice color and shape skills with nine themed puzzle boards. In the easy level, kids must match colored shapes. The hard level asks players to also match the size and rotation of the shape. When kids finish putting together a puzzle board, the images in the puzzle will animate.

Shapes, colors, sounds, and motion combine in the Go Wild!! Mode. Press the surprise square to change its design. Stack as many bricks as you can before they explode. Press the kaleido-triangle and give it a spin to see an array of triangles in different colors. You can also press the square and triangle to hear different sounds. There are eight sound modes and more than 75 themed sounds, including musical instruments, vehicles, animals, and silly sounds.

The app has picture illustrations that appear before you enter each mode (except for Go Wild!! Mode) for the first time as well as written instructions on how to play that can be accessed from the main menu by pressing on the "i" button in the upper right hand corner. There is also a Gallery where kids can access all of their saved work and edit, share on Facebook, or delete.

Is It Fun?

With its simple controls, the Colorforms Revolution HD app is easy for kids to use. And with so many different play options, it's also a lot of fun for kids. Kids will enjoy putting together digital puzzles, creating digital works of art, and just being silly with the fun effects and sounds in the Go Wild!! Mode. This app is a great way to keep kids busy in the car, at a restaurant, and at home.

Who It’s For

The Colorforms Revolution HD app is for ages 4 and up.

While the color and shapes mimic the original Colorforms, there is none of the tactile and fine motor play of the original. You might want to consider having some original Colorforms in the toy box as well for a different, creative play experience.

If young children are playing with this app and want to share their work on Facebook, remember that Facebook has a minimum age of 13 for children to have Facebook accounts. Children will have to use a parent's Facebook account. Parents are strongly advised to monitor children's online activities.

What To Be Aware Of

The app is compatible with the iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later. There is a separate Colorform Revolutions app for the iPhone and iPod Touch that costs $1.99 to download. A free version is also available, but it does not contain the same amount of features.

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