Pinypon Hotel Review (Famosa)

What It Is

Pinypon is a new collectible and customizable line of mini dolls, pets, playsets, and vehicles. Each of the mini dolls in the collection has two faces—one on the front of its head and one on the back—and removable and interchangeable hair pieces. To change the faces, remove the hair and turn the doll's head around and replace the hair. Kids can mix and match the different pieces of the dolls and create their own unique Pinypon characters.

The Pinypon Hotel is a colorful playset for the Pinypon mini dolls and their pets. The hotel includes a reception area, a rooftop garden with games for the animals, a storage room, a patio with garden furniture and swimming pool, and more. It comes with one Pinypon doll and a pet. And because this is a hotel, there are keys to "unlock" the rooms. A larger key on a sparkly string is included for kids to wear, and they can string the smaller room keys onto the necklace as charms. The larger key is also a functional key for the playset. When playtime is over with, the playset folds up and everything stores inside. Turn the large key in the key hole on the front of the playset to lock the playset so that it doesn't unfold and spill everything. The playset has a carry handle so kids can take the fun with them wherever they go.

Is It Fun?

This colorful playset allows kids to customize a cool hotel for their Pinypon mini dolls. The playset has lots of places to play and accessories. It will engage kids in lots of imaginative, narrative-based play with their Pinypon dolls.

Who It’s For

The Pinypon Hotel is for ages 4–7.

What To Be Aware Of

Assembly is required. Picture instructions are included.

The stickers do not stay on the accessory pieces very well. You'll also notice that some of the words on the stickers are spelled wrong or differently. This is because Famosa is a European company and, therefore, makes its products from a European perspective and writing style.

The Pinypon Hotel is available at Target and Toys "R" Us.

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