Mess-Free Color Wonder Tiny Tube Review (Crayola)

Mess-Free Color Wonder Tiny Tube
What It Is

Kids can get creative on the go with the Mess-Free Color Wonder Tiny Tube. With more than 10 feet of coloring pages, the compact Tiny Tube, which fits in a car's cup holder, lets kids tear off a perforated activity page for coloring at home or on the road. Once you've torn off a page, stick it onto a flat surface. The paper's adhesive backing allows it to stay in place while kids are coloring. The tube comes with three Color Wonder markers in red, green, and blue that are stored inside the tube. As with all Color Wonder products, the marker color appears only on the Color Wonder paper and not on skin, clothing, or walls. The Tiny Tube also features a carry handle.

Is It Fun?

The Mess-Free Color Wonder Tiny Tube is a fun way to bring art supplies and creative play on the go. Kids will like how easy it is to bring their coloring pages and markers with them wherever they go, and parents will like not having to worry about kids making a mess.

Who It’s For

The Mess-Free Color Wonder Tiny Tube is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

If you want your coloring pages to have more color than just the three marker colors provided, bring along extra Color Wonder markers that you already own. You might not be able to store all of them inside the tube, but at least kids will have more colors to work with.

If you're taking this on the go, it might also be helpful to bring along a lap desk, folder, or other flat and sturdy item that kids can lay across their laps so that they have something on which to color.

Color Wonder products use a colorless system that is invisible on most household surfaces. To minimize any change in appearance, wipe Color Wonder products off household surfaces immediately. Color Wonder products may alter the apperance of some surfaces, such as wallpaper, painted walls, wood, vinyl, leather, and other materials that cannot be laundered. After using Color Wonder products, remove residue from hands by washing with soap and water.

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