Cars Crash N Change Speedway Review (Mattel)

What It Is

The Cars Crash 'N' Change Speedway is part of Mattel's new Quick Changers Race collection of Cars vehicles that transform to reveal racing damage when they crash together. The track set comes with a Lightning McQueen Quick Changers vehicle that changes from regular Lightning McQueen to Ka-Chow Lightning McQueen. (His eyes move to the side and his wheels flip out, like in the movies whenever McQueen says his signature phrase, "Ka-Chow!")

The Crash 'N' Change Speedway is a closed-loop track that incorporates a wind-up booster technology for continuous racing action around the figure-eight. To start the race, kids turn the lever. The more they wind it up, the longer the cars will race. Load the cars onto the track, and they will zoom past the wind-up lever and ride around the track over and over. As they race, the cars might crash into each other or crash into the breakaway billboard. Crashing activates the Quick Changers effect, revealing the racing damage on the cars. (Kids can also cause the cars to transform by pressing the back button on top of the cars.) To reset the cars, press the front top button. The winner of the race can claim a special spot in the winner's circle section of the track set.

Is It Fun?

The Crash 'N' Change Speedway is a kid-powered track set with lots of racing and crashing action. It's easy to wind up the set, and kids will like that the cars continue racing around the track on their own. The transformation of the Quick Changers vehicles helps bring to life the racing action and the characters from the movies.

Who It’s For

The Cars Crash 'N' Change Speedway is for ages 4 and up. It will appeal to fans of the Cars movies and kids who are interested in racing toy cars.

What To Be Aware Of

Some assembly is required. Apply the sticker labels to the track pieces before assembly.

Additional Cars Quick Changers vehicles include Mater with Wasabi Tongue, Finn McMissile with Karate Wheels, Lightning McQueen with Crash Damage, and Nigel Gearsley with Crash Damage. Each is sold separately. The Cars Crash 'N' Change Speedway is not for use with some Cars vehicles, according to Mattel.

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