AVENT Clean & Tidy Drying Rack Review (Philips)

AVENT Clean & Tidy Drying Rack
What It Is

The AVENT Clean & Tidy Drying Rack is a bottle drying rack ideal for parents with limited counter space because it's only eight by 13 inches. At about 10.5-inches tall, it may be taller than other drying racks, but that shouldn't be a problem unless your cabinets are set exceptionally low. The drying rack holds up to eight bottles, as well as nipples, breast pump parts, pacifiers, and other baby accessories. Each of the four drying arms has four places to hold various-sized items, and parts can also be placed on the tray to dry. The product is described as having a flexible design and that's in reference to the four removable drying arms. You can take one or all of them off to make room for larger items on the tray. Made of a hard plastic, the arms themselves aren't flexible in terms of being bendable, and they only fit into the four designated holes on the tray, so you can't position them in different places. There are two trays: a top tray with holes and a detachable drip tray to catch excess water. The compact size makes it easy to clean both by hand in your sink or in your dishwasher.

Why Is It Useful?

The drying rack seems sturdy and definitely works great for plastic bottles and parts. We think the design of this works well, but the "flexible" description may be misleading to some people. Overall, we like the space-saving design of this and think many parents will also appreciate the sleek, modern look. It would also travel well if you're renting a vacation house or staying at a hotel.

Who It’s For

This is not a toy, so it is not age-graded.

What To Be Aware Of

If you use glass bottles, we found that it works best if you balance how you hang them so they are not all on the same side.

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