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Toys for Dogs Recovering From Surgery

(Disclaimer: Although we consulted with a vet and have their sign off on the infographic, the content below is just an opinion.  You should always double check with your own vet and licensed professional before applying any advice, buying any toys or performing any tasks, especially when your dog is recovering from surgery.  Every procedure is unique so seek licensed help before acting or making decisions.  The content below is not and should not be taken as medical, legal or doctor’s advice)

From operations to accidents, here are some dog toys to keep your playful pooch engaged while in recovery.

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When your best friend is recovering from surgery, you need to keep them engaged while recovering.  Here are some toys that are Vet recommended by Dr. Dan Teich of based on their type of surgery.

Post Orthopedic Surgery

Restricting movement while keeping your dog entertained can definitely be a challenge. These toys were picked for dogs recovering from orthopedic procedures because they can be played with gently while helping to tire your dog’s brain.

Post Spay, Neuter or Abdominal Procedures

Here are some toy ideas to help keep them engaged without a lot of movement or rough play.

Restricted Exercise Recovery

If your pawed pal needs to stay calm while recovering, here are a couple toys to keep them entertained.