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5 Must-Have Car Seats of 2016

A car seat is one of the most essential pieces of gear you will need for your baby. This all-important seat will serve as baby’s main mode of transport even through the toddler years. Choosing a car seat, however, can often feel overwhelming with the added pressure to pick the safest seat for your brand-new babe. The good news is that every car seat that’s sold in the U.S. has met and passed all government safety requirements. Whether you are shelling a bunch of cash to upgrade to the luxury model or staying in a budget-friendly price range, your seat meets all current safety standards. The bad news is that it can be daunting to sort through all the options to pick out the perfect car seat. What makes the seats stand out are cushier fabrics, larger canopies, and extra safety features that go above what’s required.

When looking for car seats there are two main categories: infant car seats and convertible car seats. (As your child gets older you can also consider booster seats.)

An Infant Car Seat is a rear-facing seat that can be used with a stroller, these are easy to take in and out of the car and accommodate a baby from birth up to about 35–40 pounds.


A Convertible Car Seat is both rear- and forward-facing and stays with your child from birth up to about 65 pounds, which means you can use it with your child all the way through the preschool years. These typically do not pair up with strollers.