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The History of the R/C Toy [Infographic]

Did you know that there were radio control planes before cars, and flying toys came before the r/c boats?  The radio controlled boat also beat cars to the race thanks to the father of R/C toys, Nicolas Tesla.  From stunt planes and classic trains to racing mini automobiles, R/C toys have delighted fans for more than 100 years.  The infographic below will help you discover the rich history of the radio and the remote control toy.


It all started with Allesandro Volta, Nikolas Tesla, Leonardo Torres Telekino and Heinrich Hertz.  Without these four brilliant minds, and many more, we would never have made it to the first radio controlled toys; and brought them to the performance levels they are at today.

How Did The R/C Toy Come to Pass?

To define how the radio controlled toy became a reality, you need to start with the science and inventions that built upon each other to create the technology.  Let’s start with how each of the major components were created.


Remote Controls:


When Were Remote Control Toys Invented

Now that you know how the pieces came together, lets go into the history of the actual toys and how they progressed into their modern day forms.




Just for fun, here are two trivia tidbits about remote control toys you can use to stump your friends.