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Holiday Party Planning

With the holidays right around the corner, you may be planning or thinking about planning a holiday party for your little ones. Planning a party during the holidays might seem overwhelming, but a little pre-planning will go a long way in eliminating that dreaded party stress.

Let’s look at a few holiday party ideas and break down the planning into simple steps.

Cookie Exchange Party

What could be more fun than a room filled with children and cookies?

To do:

Now that you have your invitations sent, the number of cookies per guest decided, and the other details figured out, it is time to think about the supplies you might need for the party.

Party preparation:

Party extras:

Cookie exchange printables make a nice addition to your party!

Cookie-Decorating Party

I find that a cookie-decorating party is so much fun and simple to plan.

Party preparation:


Gingerbread House-Decorating Party

Hosting a gingerbread house-decorating party is so much fun!

Party preparation:

As you plan your holiday party, remember this. Have fun! Enjoy the day and the children. You are making memories and that is truly all that matters!