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Games To Keep Kids Entertained All Thanksgiving Long

There’s something satisfying about hosting the Thanksgiving Day feast at your house. But how can you keep your kids (and visiting guests) entertained (and occupied) so that you can focus on meal prep, serving and hosting without the added stress? We’ve put together an ultimate toy and game list specific to keeping kids entertained on Thanksgiving so you can focus on the holiday, and not the “We’re bored” complaints.

When creating this list, we took a few things into consideration specific to Thanksgiving:

You may also want to consider if there are small pieces that could be a slipping or tripping hazard as you’ll be carrying dishes across the room during gameplay.

Thanksgiving games for kids of all ages:

For kids 8 and older, these are great Thanksgiving game options:

Keeping you, your guests, and the kids happy and having fun during Thanksgiving may seem like a challenge, but that’s why there are fun game options for all ages.  If you didn’t see one above, search through our toy reviews for even more options (including adult party games for after the kids go to bed). The important thing to remember when picking Thanksgiving games to keep your kids entertained is that they should be all inclusive, playable for multiple people and provide at least an hour of fun for each.  Now the kids can keep playing while the adults have dinner and celebrate.