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Dog Heatstroke – What You Need to Know

(Disclaimer: Although we consulted with a vet* and have their sign off on the infographic, the content below is just an opinion.  You should always double check with your own vet and licensed professional before applying any advice, buying any toys or performing any tasks, especially when your dog may not be feeling well or showing non-normal behaviors.  Every issue is unique so seek licensed help before acting or making decisions.  The content below is not and should not be taken as medical, legal or doctor’s advice.)

From knowing the more common symptoms of dog heatstroke to having toys that may help prevent it; being knowledgeable may help to save your best friend’s life.  Use the following infographic as a resource and share it with your friends who have fur-babies of their own.  This way your playful pooch and continue to have a fun packed summer and you’ll know how to help keep your precious pup safe.

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Unlike humans, dogs can only release heat through panting and the sweat glands found on their paws. That’s why it’s important to know the signs of heatstroke in dogs and to have ways to help prevent it from happening.  The information below will help your barking buddy stay hydrated and teach you some of the more common signs of K9 heatstroke.

Signs of Heatstroke

There are many ways you can start to tell if your best buddy is overheating. If you see these behaviors, it’s time for a break from play and to get help.

What You Can Do for Your Dog

The most important thing is to get your dog to a licensed veterinarian. Their health and life is on the line. You can also take some actions to help your pup if you have a vet coming to you, but ask the vet what they recommend before trying any of these.

Dog Toys to Help Prevent Heatstroke

Dog heatstroke isn’t fun, but helping prevent it can be. Here are some toys and gear to help keep your pooch playing instead of overheating.

*Dr. Dan Teich from has verified the information above.