DC Comics Originals Batman Large Plush Toy Review (Fetch for Pets)

DC Comics Originals Batman Large Plush Toy
What It Is

The DC Comics Originals line of dog toys features three different styles of toys shaped like Batman, Robin, and Superman. The Bottle Stuffers are made from a soft plush material that easily slips over an average size water bottle. The soft textured Superman along with the bottle-crunching noise should keep your dog busy for awhile. The Ball Bodies are cute, fluffy balls with a crinkly cape attached as an extra texture and noisemaker. They also have integrated squeakers inside the body. The Rope Pullers are a bit more durable, but the size makes them more appropriate for smaller breeds. They have a soft head attached to firm rope with a tennis ball torso. Each toy is sold separately.

Is It Fun?

For pet parents young and old who want to share the Batman or Superman love with their furry friends, then the DC Comics Originals line should keep you both busy and happy. The textures and sounds on each toy will delight your pooch's senses.

Who It’s For

We would suggest the Bottle Stuffers and Ball Bodies for smaller breeds because the toys are not really made for durability. These are not chewing toys. They are play toys. For more active chewers, the Rope Puller toys would be best.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional toys, along with pet costumes, are also available and sold separately.

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  • People Fun

  • Value