FarFlung Review (Starmark)

What It Is

FarFlung is a handheld ball launcher, but it's different from others on the market mainly because it is telescopic. Just push down on the lever on the handle and FarFlung can be put into one of four lengths, from 17 inches at the smallest to 26 inches at the longest. You can throw for short distances at the smaller height, and for the long-distance tosses in wide open areas, you can use this at full extension. The adjustments also allow young pet parents to participate in a game of fetch because they can adjust this to their size. And there will be no messy hands because you can pick the ball off the ground with the FarFlung without fear of excess slobber. The FarFlung comes with a Fantastic Foam Ball that Starmark claims is virtually indestructible.

Is It Fun?

This ball launcher makes it a little easier for pet parents to engage in a game of fetch with their dogs. We're not so sure that the Fantastic Foam Ball is as indestructible as the company claims, but it's okay if the ball does get damaged because regular size tennis balls also fit into the launcher.

Who It’s For

The FarFlung can be used with any size dog.

What To Be Aware Of

One note of caution, like any launcher it will take some time for you to perfect your technique. Therefore, accuracy may be an early issue. But in no time you'll be tossing like a pro.

  • Pet Fun

  • People Fun

  • Value