The Simpsons Blinky Dangler Cat Toy Review (Hartz)

The Simpsons Blinky Dangler Cat Toy
What It Is

The Simpsons Blinky Dangler is a two-in-one wand and dangler shaped like Blinky, the three-eyed fish from The Simpsons. The Blinky toy is a plush toy containing catnip in a Velcro-enclosed refillable pouch. It also features a feathered tail, a jingly bell, and a shiny crinkly belly to attract and entice kitty. The wand comes in three pieces that screw together and the toy is attached by an elastic cord. The Simpsons Blinky Dangler also comes with a screw-on suction cup base for solo playtime.

Is It Fun?

Dangle this wand for your cat, and the feathers and bell are sure to catch your cat's attention. When kitty catches the toy, she'll be delighted with the crinkly texture and the catnip inside! And, of course, because the toy is refillable, you can always add more catnip as needed.

Who It’s For

This toy is for all cats.

What To Be Aware Of

Be sure to test surfaces for compatibility with the suction cup, as it adheres better to some surfaces than others.

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  • People Fun

  • Value