Purrfect Feather Cat Toy Review (Vee Enterprises)

Purrfect Feather Cat Toy
What It Is

The Purrfect Feather Cat Toy from Vee Enterprises is a cat teaser with a durable 32-inch flexible wand with noise makers inside and a patented Flexi-Neck for bounce and safety. The wand has a 36-inch reinforced cord with a variety of all-natural feathers dangling from it. The feathers tie onto the cord, making them adjustable.

Is It Fun?

What's great about this dangler is that although the feathers are removable, they are not attached using metal parts which could scratch kitty or break, providing a safety hazard. These replacement feathers simply tie on with their cord for safer play. The length and flexibility of the wand coupled with the Flexi-Neck give this toy a wide range of motion and bounce so it will definitely keep your cat on it's toes. Plus, the interactive element of this teaser wand is a great way for a pet parent to be actively involved in their cat's playtime.

Who It’s For

The Purrfect Feather Cat Toy is a great toy for all cats.

What To Be Aware Of

This toy comes with one replacement feather; additional feathers can be purchased separately.

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  • People Fun

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