LeapReader Junior Animals Around the World Review (LeapFrog)

LeapReader Junior Animals Around the World
What It Is

Animals Around the World is a board book that introduces kids to 20 baby animals, including a giraffe, a platypus, and a coyote. It's part of LeapFrog's Get Ready to Read series and is compatible with the LeapReader Junior, which is sold separately. The LeapReader Junior Book Pal interacts with the book in two ways: it reads the text of the book and also reacts to touchpoints throughout the book. There are more than 150 touch points throughout the 24 illustrated pages including a rhyming story about animals in their habitats. Using their Book Pal, kids can touch almost anywhere on the page to hear the animals' names, animal sounds, and other fun facts about the animals as well as some musical tunes. The book teaches what all the different baby animals are called and prompts children to make the sounds of those animals or mimic them in other ways. For example, on page 12, kids are asked to "move your head really slowly like a tortoise." Kids will even hear applause for their efforts. The last two pages include all 20 animals featured throughout the book and is a bit more game-like, asking kids to identify different animals.

Is It Fun?

Animals Around the World is designed to help build early vocabulary while increasing a child's animal knowledge. Younger kids might not have much interest in the story itself and will be much more entertained just by moving their Book Pal from animal to animal. This is a really cute book for toddlers and offers a fun way to get your little ones interested in reading.

Who It’s For

Animals Around the World is for ages 1-3.

What To Be Aware Of

You will need to have your LeapReader Junior set up with your computer and the audio for the Animals Around the World book downloaded onto the Book Pal in order to use the Book Pal with the book.

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  • LeapReader Junior Animals Around the World published by LeapFrog
  • We recommend this book for kids ages 1 and up