Deluxe Roominate Kit Review (Roominate)

Deluxe Roominate Kit
What It Is

Roominate is a new building line for girls. Roominate hones in on play patterns that girls are already drawn to, such as crafting and dollhouses, but does so in a way that invites them to construct, customize, and innovate. The Deluxe Roominate kit includes four wall/floor panels, 48 furniture-building pieces, 16 connectors, one motor, one light, one switch, two battery packs, two rolls of shiny tape, two feet of string, four colors of felt, eight sheet of stickers, and tons craft paper sized to fit the panels as well as create paper-made room decor. Roominate does include instructions on how to connect wall and floor panels and lay the groundwork for a room, however the rest is really up to you. Modular building pieces can be connected in many different ways to create many different things. The kit also walks you through how to build a fan and light using the battery packs and circuits. Use the included paper to tape to the modular walls or cut out shapes to add room decor. Across the packaging, instruction guide, and Roominate website, ideas are also presented to inspire building.

Is It Fun?

Where we think some other STEM-focused toys for girls have fallen short in inspiring and exciting girls, Roominate succeeds. Roominate leverages play patterns and themes that traditionally appeal to girls, such as crafting and building houses and other structures, and uses mixed media and an open-ended process to encourage them to construct, customize, and innovate. Just opening the box is fun because there is so much inside.

We also like that once kids have built the fan, they'll have a working knowledge of how the motors and circuits work, so they can create anything else they want-either using the ideas on the instruction sheet, or creating whatever they want. Across the packaging, instruction guide, and Roominate website, ideas are also presented to inspire building.

Who It’s For

Roominate was created for girls ages 6 and up. But while the line was designed primarily for girls, there's no reason why boys won't enjoy this classic play, too. In fact, we think it's ideal for cooperative play, mixing ages and genders.

What To Be Aware Of

It took us about 45 minutes to complete this room, but it's really not about the time it takes to complete but rather investing time in the creative process.

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