All Surface Pro Swingball Review (Mookie)

All Surface Pro Swingball
What It Is

All Surface Pro Swingball is a game similar to tetherball where two players take turns hitting a tethered ball back and forth in an attempt to be the first to wrap the tether around the pole's upper spiral and get the ball to the top or the bottom of the spiral. This outdoor game, which can be played on any surface, comes with a base, a height-adjustable Swingball pole, a tethered tennis ball, and two paddles. Everything stores inside the base to make it easy for you to take this on the go.

You'll need to fill up the base with water or sand to keep it sturdy while you play. Then, two players grab a paddle and take turns hitting the ball. One player hits the ball clockwise, and the other player hits the ball counter-clockwise. The ball will fly around the pole, and its tether will move up and down the spiral part of the pole. The player who gets the ball to the top or bottom of the spiral wins that game. You can keep score on the base's built-in scorekeeper. The first player to win five games wins overall.

The game can also be played with one player as a way to practice forehand and backhand shots.

Is It Fun?

We think this game is sort of a cross between tetherball, squash, tennis, and racquetball, so if you enjoy playing any of those games, you'll definitely enjoy playing All Surface Pro Swingball. It's easy to transport, set up, and start playing, and it engages players in fun and active play.

Who It’s For

All Surface Pro Swingball is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

You don't want to hit the tennis ball too high or two low because the tether tends to get tangled when you do.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy