Goldie Blox and the Dunk Tank Review (GoldieBlox)

Goldie Blox and the Dunk Tank
What It Is

Goldie Blox and the Dunk Tank is a new girl-focused storybook and construction kit from Goldie Blox, which is a company created by female engineer Debbie Sterling with the goal of getting more girls interested in engineering and doing so in a fun and engaging way. The kit comes with a storybook and includes a 52-piece set of axles, rods, figures, and accessories.

The book continues to follow the adventures of its young female engineering heroine Goldie Blox and guides its readers to build the engineering model that Goldie Blox and her friends create. In this story, Goldie's pet pup Nacho is badly in need of a bath. Follow along as Goldie attempts to find different ways to get Nacho clean. In the end, a dunk tank turns out to be the best solution. Symbols on pages indicate when to grab a tool or character as you move through the storyline. This is a shorter and smaller kit than previous ones in the line so there is actually only one build—the dunk tank. Instructions are also included for two additional builds but these are unrelated to the story.

Once assembled, place the Nacho figure on the platform and use the included ball or your hand to hit the target to make the platform fall out and Nacho fall into the cup.

Is It Fun?

While we like the unique and inspiring concept of Goldie Blox and the way it incorporates the use of storytelling with building, we feel the execution of the line continues to fall flat. There is only one build in this kit and we think that if you are going to brand a product as an "engineering toy" there should be additional options for building. The kit should also delve further into how the builds can be used for real-world application. The information could be provided within the book's pages or on the website, so girls can further understand these concepts beyond the toy they created from the kit.

We do however think the "dunking" action of this build (when it works) is an entertaining feature.

Who It’s For

Goldie Blox and the Dunk Tank is for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Directions for the Dunk Tank build are easy to follow. However, once complete, the product is not sturdy and easily falls apart. The rods don't sit correctly so the platform for the dunk tank often collapses.

You'll need a cup, which is not included, for the actual dunk feature.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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