Life of George Review (LEGO)

Life of George
What It Is

LEGO has released a new version of LEGO Life of George, which is part construction toy, part app toy, and part brainteaser. The Life of George kit comes with more than 250 LEGO blocks along with a unique optical mat for building. This version is capable with two free-to-download apps: the original Life of George app and the Build Your Brain app.

LEGO has updated the Life of George app with new race-to-build models in the Life of George album of the app. Enter this album and select part of a global map. Touch a question mark to access a model to build. The time allotted for each build depends on its level of complexity. As you build your score will unlock new sections of the map. You can also select multi-player mode to race against your friends for speed and accuracy.

In the new Build Your Brain app, enter the app and spin the wheel. You can land on one of six potential brain-building challenges, including Flipped, Silhouette, Shape Finder, Memory, Logic, and Bonus. Directions for each challenge will be given at the start of each. Race to complete each challenge before time runs out. Time allotted, again, depends on the challenge's level of difficulty.

To win building challenges in both apps, you must complete the build, place your design on the optical mat, position your smartphone or tablet's camera over the mat, and press the camera button to scan it and get your score. Your score will be based on your accuracy and the time it took you to complete the challenge.

Is It Fun?

While the Life of George app focuses more on creating unique LEGO builds, Build Your Brain is more about testing your pattern recognition skills, logic skills, and memory. We also think focusing on patterns and shapes can make it easier or more difficult depending on the challenge and the builder. So while this app may not spur the same kind of creative thinking as Life of George and we found the gameplay in Build Your Brain to be just as addictive as the first app.

Who It’s For

Life of George is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Instructions within the packaging are vague. It isn't until you download the app that you'll be provided with more detail on how each challenge works.

The camera's recognition sometimes had trouble recognizing the builds before time ran out.

The apps are free to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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