Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train Review (VTech)

Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train
What It Is

The VTech Alphabet Train is a feature-packed versatile toy for infants and early toddlers. For floor play, it features interactive learning activities that will be familiar from other VTech toys. Activities encourage letter and color recognition, and there are 13 two-sided alphabet blocks, which can be inserted into the unit as part of the learning games.

The book has pages that turn with letter recognition activities. Push the elephant on the smokestack to activate more sounds. The train, itself, can be used as a walker or attach the carriage for foot-to-floor powered ride-on play. The blocks can be stacked or put in the chute on the top to activate songs and watch them drop into the carriage, if it's attached, or onto the floor.

Is It Fun?

There is a lot of play going on-from basic learning activities to fine and gross motor skills, to open-ended play. Moreover, as children grow from random exploring to more intentional, directed action, they'll learn about cause-and-effect and basic number and letter skills, while continually finding new things to engage them creatively and cognitively.

Who It’s For

This versatile toy is for infants to early toddlers, moving them from exploration to directed play.

What To Be Aware Of

The directions were a bit confusing, so we would recommend laying out all the pieces first and taking your time for best results.

The train requires three AA batteries, which are included for demo purposes.

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    2 AA batteries required