Always In View Baby Monitor for Cars Review (Infanttech)

Always In View Baby Monitor for Cars
What It Is

The Always in View Baby Monitor for Cars provides a video feed of your baby in her car seat, so you can monitor your child while you drive. A plush toy with a camera attached to it is placed on the seat of the rear-facing car seat. A monitor that suction cups onto the dashboard receives the wireless images of your babe. The image is clear, and you can also hear your baby talk, sing, or cry. The Always in View Baby Monitor is equipped with night vision and an anti-glare lens. It runs on a rechargeable lithium battery and comes with two USB cables, a USB car charger, and an AC adapter. It's available in three styles: puppy, giraffe, and monkey. Each is sold separately.

Why Is It Useful?

When you install the plush toy camera on the seat, there is no way to secure the angle of the camera, so when you are driving, the head of the plush toy, which has the camera, moves around. This means you can lose your baby's image. The Bendi-Neck technology does help position the lens of the camera, but it's a little inconsistent because it does slip out of framing your baby. This is also very distracting when you are driving. Additionally, if you have two babies in the back, you would have to purchase two separate baby monitors because one camera will not cover both babies.

While we found this to be fairly helpful, especially on long trips or if you have a baby who is sick, the lack of a consistent image was a deterrent. This would be a good monitor for play spaces, and we would like it more in the car if there was a way to secure the camera to focus on your child during your ride.

Who It’s For

The Always in View Baby Monitor is for use with babies in rear-facing car seats.

What To Be Aware Of

You must charge the monitor for 24 hours before first use.

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