My Spy Birdhouse Review (Hampton Direct)

My Spy Birdhouse
What It Is

The My Spy Birdhouse is a birdhouse that attaches to the window in your home and allows you to see inside the birdhouse. Ideally, you can observe as the bird creates a nest, watch eggs hatch, and watch mama bird feed the babies.

Is It Fun?

We tested this for six weeks, and we never had any birds come visit. Even with a bird feeder on a tree across from this birdhouse, there has been no activity. We're not bird-nesting experts, so we don't really know how long this is supposed to take. But we do know that there are multiple nests on the trees and hedges in our testing location.

Initially, we thought this was a sweet idea, but after using it, we have since changed our opinion. While it would be very educational for kids to watch what happens in the nest, this product does not deliver that.

Who It’s For

The My Spy Birdhouse is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The suction cups and adhesive strips fell off, especially after rainy weather. What if there had been birds in the birdhouse when the suction gave out? The structure is made of plastic and the double-sided viewing shield doesn't really work because its reflection changes depending on the sunlight.

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