iFetch Review (iFetch)

What It Is

The iFetch doesn't look like your average fetch toy, and that's because it isn't. It's an innovative exercise and entertainment toy for dogs. The iFetch comes with three miniature tennis ball-type balls. When one of the balls is dropped into the funnel-shaped opening on the top, it's shot out from the other side much like the instructional pitching machines used to introduce kids to baseball. With other similar pet launchers, it can take time to get consistent throws. With the iFetch, just plug it in and you get instant accuracy. You can also adjust the iFetch and set it to launch the balls 10, 20, or 30 feet depending on your surroundings. You can also train your dog to retrieve the ball and drop it into the launcher. There are training tips on the iFetch website: goifetch.com.

Is It Fun?

This is a great toy both for kid and senior pet parents because it eliminates the risk of disappointing Fido by cutting your playdate short due to arm soreness. There is also no learning curve for humans, although there might be for your dog if you're training him to drop the ball back into the iFetch. Because there is a lot of positive reinforcement involved to get to that level, your interaction with your dog will be plentiful. Although this is an automated toy, it is not a watch-me toy as you might suspect.

Who It’s For

The iFetch is ideal for small- to medium-sized dogs. Pet parents supervision is recommended.

What To Be Aware Of

The iFetch can be plugged into a wall outlet, but it also comes with six C batteries so you can use it as a portable outdoor fetch toy.

We had some concerns about a dog standing in front of the machine, dropping the ball in, and then getting hit by the ball. But we tested it on our leg, and we don't think it would do anything but remind your dog to not stand in front of the machine again.

This product is available exclusively at http://www.goifetch.com.

  • Pet Fun

  • People Fun

  • Value

    6 C batteries required