Marble Review (PAAS)

What It Is

Kids can create marble egg designs with the Marble Fun Expressions Easter Egg Decorating Kit from PAAS. The kit comes with 11 food color tablets and an egg dipper. Things you'll need that aren't included are eggs, vinegar, lemon juice, vegetable oil, and cups or bowls for dyeing. Add the color tablets to a cup of warm/hot water to dissolve the dye. Then add vinegar, lemon juice, or just use water for ultra-vibrant-, vibrant-, or pastel-colored eggs, respectively. Next, dip your egg into one color until it obtains your desired shade. Remove the egg and put it to the side to dry. Add vegetable oil to the color baths. Vigorously mix the oil and dye so that when you dip your egg a second time, the egg picks up the colored oil streaks to create the marble effect.

Is It Fun?

While marbling eggs may not be a new concept, we like that PAAS takes the idea, breaks down the process, and makes it easy even for newbies to achieve egg-coloring success.

Who It’s For

The Marble Fun Expressions Egg Decorating kit is for ages 3-12. Younger kids will need assistance.

What To Be Aware Of

Consider what colors will work best together. For example two pale colors, such as pink and yellow, won't have the same marble impact as a pale and a dark color together. Opting for lighter base colors or pastels also result in better marble effects.

You can also use olive oil instead of vegetable oil.

This is a messy, fun project so lay some paper down and wear an apron or clothes you don't mind getting dirty.

PAAS' website also offers additional helpful egg dyeing and decorating tips.

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