Razor Jr. Kuties Cowboy Review (Razor)

Razor Jr. Kuties Cowboy
What It Is

Razor Jr. Kuties are preschool scooters with a two-in-one surprise. It looks like a three-wheeled scooter, but it's also a hobby horse. The red-and-yellow Kuties Cowboy has an extra-wide, slip-resistant deck to keep kids stable while they scoot. In between the two padded handlebars there is a soft horse head. When kids finish scooting, they can remove the horse head to reveal a cowboy hobby horse.

Is It Fun?

The hobby horse component adds some extra active fun to this scooter. Preschoolers will like scooting around with their soft horse friend, and then removing the horse and taking him on all sorts of non-scooter adventures.

Who It’s For

The Razor Jr. Kuties Cowboy is for ages 3 and up. There is a weight limit of 44 pounds.

What To Be Aware Of

It took us 15 minutes to assemble this scooter, and the instructions were not always clear.

It can be a little difficult to get the hobby horse out of the scooter. Razor recommends that the removal and replacement of the hobby horse be done by an adult.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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