Kiddie App Review (Kiddie App)

Kiddie App
What It Is

Kiddie App is an app that uses interactive stories and sing-along songs to help parents of toddlers with bedtime, potty training, dinnertime, and temper tantrums. The free app includes the "Good Night" story, and the other three stories are available as individual in-app purchases of $2.99 each or bundled for $5.99. For each story, you can choose Read to Me for narration or Read it Myself. As you read, the app gives hints so kids know when to tap on the screen for animation. You can also turn off the hints.

The stories show kids desirable behavior in a positive and fun way through interaction, animation, rhyme, and song. For example, in the "Good Night" story, kids put the Kiddie character to sleep in a fixed bedtime ritual and sing a lullaby at the end. This helps show kids that there is a fixed order of steps to follow every night both for Kiddie and the child.

The app also includes digital reward charts so that parents can reward their children for good behavior and actions: getting ready for bed without making a fuss or sharing his toys, for example. Your child gets to choose a sticker to place on the reward chart, and then you have the option of sharing your child's progress with friends and family on Facebook. Parents of multiple children can create a reward chart for each child.

The app also includes an ebook for parents with tips for how best to use the app as well as parenting tips for reinforcing good behavior outside of the app.

Is It Fun?

There are a variety of reasons why parents and kids will like this app. The stories help foster parent/child interaction, and reading to young kids is so important. Not to mention, the stories are a way to help with early reading skills, and kids will enjoy the sound effects and animation on each page. Through the Kiddie character, children see a model of good behavior, and the reward charts will hopefully encourage kids to want to act like Kiddie, too. Parents will like that this app gives them a tool to help with four important milestones in their child's life.

Who It’s For

Kiddie App is an app for parents to use with their children who are ages 2-5.

What To Be Aware Of

To access the reward charts or any of the parent information in the app, a parent must successfully solve a math equation.

This app is available for iPhone and iPad running iOS 5.0 or later.

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  • Available on: iOS
  • Available January 15, 2014