Too Qool Double Stroller Review (Joovy)

Too Qool Double Stroller
What It Is

Joovy strollers have moved into the luxury stroller market with the Too Qool Double Stroller. It has a neoprene insert, which is available in 10 different colors to fit your style. This padded insert is completely machine-washable and cushy for your child. The front seat is forward- and rear-facing, and you can take the back seat out entirely to transform this into a single stroller. The three-position front seat is for 3 months and up, and the two-position rear seat is for 6 months and up. The seats are wide for comfort, especially when your baby or toddler is asleep. The front seat does recline, but if you have a child in the back seat, the extended recline might not be the best option. The back seat also reclines but not as much as the front. Five-point harness straps keep your kids safe and adjust to your growing child. Built-in shock absorbers and the four-wheel suspension gives kids a smooth ride. The leg rest on the front seat moves up and down, which is great for young kids because you won't have dangling legs. Taller kids have a footrest. The canopy expands with a zipper and, when combined with the sun visor, makes for a very generous shady retreat. A peek-a-boo window on both seats allows you to peek in on your babe while strolling.

The handlebars are made of luxurious hand-stitched leather and can be adjusted to accommodate various heights. A car seat adapter is sold separately for use on this stroller. The storage basket is generous but not very practical when you have two kids in this stroller, especially because the child sitting in the back seat has his legs in the storage basket. Folding this stroller is a bit of work but not very complicated. You do have to take out the back seat to fold the stroller. It's not very compact, and the whole stroller with both seats weighs about 35 pounds.

Why Is It Useful?

While this aluminum frame stroller is somewhat light, it's not what we would call a lightweight stroller. But keep in mind that it is a double stroller and meant for everyday use with the kids. It's very sturdy and moves well through most terrains. Overall, we found the Joovy Too Qool to be just that. Too cool. It works for all practical reasons and is a great everyday stroller for your family on the go.

Who It’s For

The Joovy Too Qool is for ages 3 months and above in the front seat and 6 months and above in the rear. It has a maximum weight limit of 55 pounds.

What To Be Aware Of

We wish the flaps on the peek-a-boo window were magnetic snaps instead of Velcro. It's just a small detail, which might add to the luxury of this stroller.

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