My Buddy Tag - Green Review (Le Vise Products)

My Buddy Tag - Green
What It Is

My Buddy Tag is a Bluetooth-enabled location device that you can attach to your child and be alerted if that child gets too far away. Le Vise Products, is promoting this as a security device that can help you find a lost child. It connects to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. This version comes with one silicone wristband. The backside of each Silicone wristband includes a white strip where you can write in your child's personal information. Insert the My Buddy tag into the holder on the silicone wristband, place the band on your child's wrist, and tighten it on using a coin or small flathead screwdriver.

Next, download the free Buddy Tag app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Launch the app and when you see the new device icon on the screen, swipe to the left to connect the app to the Buddy Tag. To disconnect, swipe the icon to the right on the app. This makes your Buddy Tag also enter sleep mode to conserve battery life.

Buddy Tag's feature a panic button, which will set off the alarm on your smartphone or tablet. The alarm will also go off depending on the allowable distance you set to the device. On the nearest setting, the alarm will go off when the Buddy Tag is about 10 feet away. On the furthest setting, the alarm didn't go off until that distance was about 30 feet-which is the range of most Bluetooth.

Why Is It Useful?

While we think this is a well-intentioned security device, we don't see it as being either very practical or useful once it's set up and operational; it actually seems more trouble than it's worth. We had several problems operating the device.

First, we had a difficult time getting the Bluetooth to connect; it took several tries. Second, it was difficult to get the device into the silicone sleeve. That's for obvious reasons, but it was still a bit of a struggle. Lastly, you need a screwdriver in order to attach it to your child. The directions say you can use a coin to tighten on the band but doing so is a clumsy process. Obviously, you don't want this to come off, but since this is not waterproof, you're going to have to get used to carrying a screwdriver with you if you're planning a trip to the beach. Parents will say you can't be too careful, but, screwing a child into a safety device seems positively medieval.

In terms of practical concerns, the device simply doesn't help locate the child; it simply indicates that the child is out of range.

We also activated the feature that is supposed to send the last known location of the child, which the company says is great if nanny is taking the children out. Several hours later, we didn't get an email.

Who It’s For

The My Buddy Tag is for use with children who have started walking.

What To Be Aware Of

UPDATE: We did not receive an email that the unit had been disconnected from the app until 24 hours later. Whether that's a problem with the unit or our servers, we can't be sure, but it does diminish the usefulness of that feature.

The My Buddy tag is not water-proof, it is water-resistant.

Additional types of wristbands to hold Buddy Tag are available and sold separately.

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