Nerf Dog 3-inch Rubber Protected Tennis Ball Review (Gramercy Products)

Nerf Dog 3-inch Rubber Protected Tennis Ball
What It Is

Everyone knows that dogs love to play fetch with tennis balls, but pet parents have to worry about them peeling off the skin and having that green furry stuff become a choking hazard. Well, the folks at Gramercy Products have eliminated that problem with the Nerf Dog 3-inch Rubber Protected Tennis Ball. This tennis ball is encased in a durable rubber cover. There are spaces in the cover, much like a treat ball, which is just enough for your buddy to think he can get at the fuzzy cover, but he won't be able to.

Is It Fun?

From a safety standpoint, the cover on this is a great idea. But the cover also creates more weight to the ball to make it easier to throw it farther, thus enhancing your pooch's play pleasure. It's also the right size for smaller hands, so kids will want to play with their furry brothers and sisters. And when your happy, healthy hound retrieves the ball and brings it back, you won't have to deal with the fuzzy drool that regular balls tend to hold onto. With a quick wipe, this ball will be drool-free and ready again for action.

Who It’s For

The Nerf Dog 3-inch Rubber Protected Tennis Ball is perfect for all dogs. It makes a game of fetch clean and safe.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional Nerf dog products are available and sold separately.

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