American Wildlife Collection Review (Jakks Pets)

American Wildlife Collection
What It Is

The American Wildlife Collection are soft dog toys designed with squeakers and a realistic look. The collection includes a variety of animals, such as a mallard duck, a fox, and a chipmunk. Each is available in different sizes, too. Throw one of these little critters down and watch Fido get into a little shaking, a little tenderizing, and some good old chewing.

Is It Fun?

The realistic look of these animals will definitely set off an instinctual alarm in pooches who are used to mostly seeing these animals from a window in the confines of your home. For a real treat, take notice of which animals torment your puppy from afar and give him a duplicate from this pet toy collection.

Who It’s For

These are not made for children. They are strictly for the dogs. And if you have an aggressive chewer, then supervised play is highly recommended so that your canine cohort will not swallow anything he shouldn't.

What To Be Aware Of

Because these come in different sizes, they also come at different price points. The smaller toys are $7.59 while the larger versions are $9.99.

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  • People Fun

  • Value