Nerf Dog Retriever 10-inch Flying Disc Review (Gramercy Products)

Nerf Dog Retriever 10-inch Flying Disc
What It Is

The Nerf Dog Retriever 10-inch Flying Disc is made of a light nylon with a tear-resistant coating. You can even fold it up and put it in your pocket just in case you're doing a "business" walk with your pooch and you happen upon an ideal spot for spontaneous play. Another great feature is ease of use. If you can throw a Frisbee, you can throw this. It can also be used anywhere because it floats on water, so you need not worry about errant throws. And if you have a water-loving dog on your hands, this is a toy you can use at the beach, the lake, or a pond.

Is It Fun?

This lightweight toy means that it's easy for adults and kids to carry to the park. Its durable fabric means that your dog will have a hard time destroying it.

Who It’s For

For the junior pet parents, this may be easier to toss than a conventional flying disc because it's smaller and flexible.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional Nerf Dog toys are sold separately.

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  • People Fun

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