Chuckit! Large Kick Fetch Ball Review (Petmate)

Chuckit! Large Kick Fetch Ball
What It Is

The Large Kick Fetch Ball is made from durable canvas and has a puncture-resistant core. The high-visibility orange color makes it easy to track, and the grooved surface allows Fido to pick it up easily and carry it back for another turn. Unlike most fetch toys, this lightweight ball is designed to be kicked into action, not thrown. That comes in handy because your shoulder usually gives out before your furry pal is ready to quit.

Is It Fun?

This toy is great for promoting pet owner interaction and is a great way for pooches to rid themselves of pent-up energy.

Who It’s For

This ball is also great for kids who generally can't throw the ball too far, but should be able to kick it a proper distance to play with their pooch.

What To Be Aware Of

Keep in mind that this is a fetch toy and not a chew toy, so don't let your dog get too cozy with it or you'll be cleaning the consequences.

The Kick Fetch Ball comes in a small size, too.

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