Animal Planet Pet Toys Plush 3-Pack Animal Assortment Review (MerchSource)

Animal Planet Pet Toys Plush 3-Pack Animal Assortment
What It Is

The Animal Planet Pet Toys Plush 3-Pack Animal Assortment are dog toys made from an ultra-soft polyester material. Each toy has an integrated squeaker to signal to your dog that it's time to play. Each three-pack comes with a variety of animals, such as a raccoon, moose, and bear, so choose your favorite. These are made for indoor use or use in weather-protected environments, which means that they get yucky when wet, so don't leave them out in the yard. But they are also machine-washable, so when they get too funky, you can just pop them in the wash.

Is It Fun?

These three fun plush buddies provide lots of entertainment for your pet, who will enjoy making the animals squeak.

Who It’s For

These toys could appeal to your kids as well, but they are only intended to be used as a pet toy and under supervision by a pet parent, especially if your dog likes to tear soft things apart.

What To Be Aware Of

Like all Animal Planet products, your purchase benefits R.O.A.R., Animal Planet's project to help make the world a better place for animals, which is a great life lesson to teach kids.

You might notice that the colors of these stuffed animals are not very realistic, unless there are green-and-white raccoons we don't know about. We suspect that has something to do with the fact that dogs actually see colors differently than humans. So these colors might be easier for them to see.

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