Doggy Blocks Spinner Review (Kyjen)

Doggy Blocks Spinner
What It Is

If you want to keep your best friend's canine senses sharp, then the Doggy Blocks Spinner is the toy for you. There are four treat chambers that are revealed when Rover removes the four cups that cover them. But that's not the end of this doggy riddle. Your pooch has to now figure out how to spin the top section in order to fully expose the treat. There are strategically placed scent holes so that your pup will be enticed to solve the puzzle of how to get to the treats.

Is It Fun?

Now, if you think this is a cruel trick to play on your dog, you'd be mistaken. These problem-solving actions actually exercise a dog's natural instincts embedded in their DNA and inherited from their wolf cousins. If you don't live in a natural setting that allows your dog to do this, then a puzzle or toy like the Doggy Blocks Spinner is the next best thing. And if nothing else, the whole family will get a kick out of watching your dog use different methods to solve this puzzling puppy plaything.

Who It’s For

This is for families that want to exercise their dog's natural food-foraging instincts.

What To Be Aware Of

Although today's dogs have been domesticated and no longer have to forage for food, experts say that truly healthy dogs need to exercise not just their bodies with running and play, but also their minds and instincts.

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