Cross Slider Dog Toy Puzzle Review (Kyjen)

Cross Slider Dog Toy Puzzle
What It Is

The Cross Slider Dog Toy Puzzle is a sliding, gliding, treat-hiding game for your dog. You might be wondering why on Earth a dog would need a puzzle, but dogs have certain instincts embedded in their DNA, one of which is foraging for food. If you live in the country, your pup may get to exercise that instinct outside, but if your doggie is mostly citified, then toys like this can keep him confidently happy and out of doggy therapy.

The puzzle comes with a rubber hide-a-treat ball that, once placed inside the puzzle, your dog will find a way to slide, nose, or poke out of the puzzle. At first, you can leave all of the doors off of the game until Rover gets the hang of it. But the Cross Slider comes with three doors to increase the difficulty for your dog and keep him busy for quite awhile.

Is It Fun?

This may look like torture for your pet, but it is very good for your dog's self-esteem. As an added plus, this puzzle will provide enjoyment for the whole family as you watch your pooch systematically find ways to get at the treat ball.

Who It’s For

All dogs.

What To Be Aware Of

This game works on both carpeted and hard floor surfaces, so it can be used anywhere.

  • Pet Fun

  • People Fun

  • Value