EazySleeper Review (Eazysleeper Limited)

What It Is

The EazySleeper is a massaging playmat and blanket in the shape of a koala bear. Most parents of newborns will tell you that vibration motion is gold for babies. The movement in this blanket soothes baby, especially newborns, and sort of replicates the soothing waves and motion from when baby was in the womb. There are three options of movement: vibrate, wave, heartbeat, and a combination of all three. You can also control the speed of the vibration. A 15-minute timer acts as a safety cut-off. The EazySleeper is super plush and creates a cocoon for baby to sleep in. The center of this sleeper is surrounded by a raised edge that acts as a gentle barrier, preventing baby from rolling off. A remote control unit, which is located on the bottom paw of the koala, controls the sleep mat, and it functions without disturbing your baby. The cotton fleece cover is machine washable. Once baby has outgrown the sleep mat phase, this can be used as a plush playmat. The EazySleeper comes in pale blue, caramel, and pink. Each is sold separately.

Why Is It Useful?

This is a very useful sleeper for young babies, especially newborns and infants who cannot roll off the sleeper. We wish they made this in adult sizes. However, while it is very useful, it doesn't have a very long usage period. Eventually, your baby will be too big for the center sleep area.

Who It’s For

The EazySleeper is for all ages, but we recommend the sleep vibration feature for newborns and infants who cannot roll off the sleep blanket.

What To Be Aware Of

A 9V battery is needed but not included. However, a 9V battery charger is included. Make sure to only use rechargeable batteries in the charger.

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  • Assembly & Instructions


    1 9-volt battery required