Minecraft Enderman Cardboard Head Review (Spin Master)

Minecraft Enderman Cardboard Head
What It Is

The Minecraft Enderman Cardboard Head is decorated to look like the 8-bit image of the character from the video game Minecraft. This head is completely hilarious, and it's not much more than a decorated cardboard box. It arrives flat, and it takes about three minutes to fold it up into a square head shape. Put it on your head and wear it around.

Is It Fun?

This is definitely intended to be ironic. The packaging of the toy has a late 1950s feel to it. And it is kind of stupid to walk around with a cardboard box on your head. But it's also a great deal of silly fun. We promise you, no one who sees you with this on your head will be able to stop laughing. But they'll be laughing WITH you. We've even seen people who don't know what Minecraft is say, "I have to have that." And that was pretty much our reaction. So, go ahead and be a little silly and outrageous.

Who It’s For

The Minecraft Enderman Cardboard Head is recommended for Minecraft fans ages 15 and up. However, it's likely to appeal to much younger kids as well.

What To Be Aware Of

Spin Master also makes a Minecraft Creeper Cardboard Head, sold separately.

You will have limited forward and virtually no peripheral vision when you're wearing this cardboard head. Be careful where you're walking with it.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy