Tubby Table Review (Tubby Table Toys)

Tubby Table
What It Is

Tubby Table is a table with a suction cup at the bottom that goes into your bathtub so kids can play while taking a bath. This plastic table with rounded corners has a shape-sorting colors and numbers recognition component to make it educational and fun. The shapes are actually cups, which are great for water play. Holes on the top of the table allow water to drain through with no accumulation. You can raise or lower Tubby Table depending on the size of your child. If you have two kids in the tub at the same time, this is great for keeping them entertained. The Tubby Table also comes with a non-slip bath mat.

Is It Fun?

Tubby Table is a way to make bath time more exciting, especially for reluctant bathers. We think this is a fun novelty addition for bathtime shenanigans.

Who It’s For

The Tubby Table is for ages 1 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Tubby Table materials mention that this product will help keep water in the tub more than usual and not make big splashy messes outside the tub, but we're not sure this is realistic. While it is slightly raised above the water, a bathtub is a bathtub, and you should expect some water to end up on the bathroom floor.

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