Marvel Super Hero Mashers Electronic Wolverine Review (Hasbro)

Marvel Super Hero Mashers Electronic Wolverine
What It Is

Marvel Super Hero Mashers are customizable Marvel figures. Each figure's parts can be swapped with other figures to create new, Mash-Up figures. This is the Light Up Your Mash-Up edition Electronic Wolverine, which includes the figure, Light-Up Claw, Extending Attack Claw, masked head, unmasked head and Swappable Gear.

This is a stylized version of Wolverine in his yellow X-Men uniform. The figure's appearance is more animated than realistic and has oversized, chunky body parts. The Swappable Gear snaps onto his torso, arms, and legs and the Light-Up Claw and Extending Attack Claw can be attached to either arm. Both the Light-Up Claw and Attack Claw are activated by buttons on the claws themselves.

Is It Fun?

What makes Marvel Super Hero Mashers so much fun–and so much fun to play with–is taking the parts from multiple figures and creating a custom, Mash-up figure of your own. All of the figure's parts are removable so they can be swapped with other Mashers figures to create new custom figures. Kids can create their own figure like Wolver-Hulk, The Iron Spiderine and Captain Wolverine! Coming up with the names for your new figures is almost as much fun as creating the figures themselves.

Who It’s For

Marvel Super Hero Mashers are for Marvel fans, ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The figures' limbs easily pop off and on. Most of the figure's arms, detach at the elbow and not the shoulder, where the ball joint is located. Legs detach at the hips.

Mashers are available in 3 different editions. There is the basic, Make Your Mash-Up edition; the Upgrade Your Mash-Up edition that comes with multiple accessories; and the Light Up Your Mash-Up edition that has an electronic feature.

Additional figures are sold separately.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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