Totally Crazy Eights Review (Winning Moves)

Totally Crazy Eights
What It Is

Totally Crazy Eights is a new way to play the classic game of Crazy Eights. This card game comes with 40 eight-shaped cards with a built-in hole to allow players to see two cards in the play pile at once. If playing with two players, each player receives eight cards. For a three- or four-player game, deal each player six cards. Then, take turns playing cards. On your turn, you can do one of three things. Play a card onto the pile that matches one of the colors showing, play a card that matches one of the numbers showing, or play a card that creates the number eight when added to the number seen below it. When making that last play, you can disregard trying to match the color. For example, if the play pile shows a blue six with a pink six card underneath, you can play a yellow two because 2+6=8. And unlike with the first two plays, making an eight earns you another turn.

If you can't make a play, draw a card from the draw pile. If you can't play this new card, keep it in your hand and your turn is over.

When a Swap card is played, you can trade your entire hand of cards with any other player. To play a Swap card, you need to either match its color or you can play it on top of another Swap card.

When a player plays his last card, the round is over and that player wins the round. The first player to win three rounds wins the game.

Is It Fun?

The shape of these cards makes this version of Crazy Eights very unique, and it also adds a new element to the gameplay. Totally Crazy Eights is also good for color matching, hand-eye coordination, and basic math skills.

Who It’s For

Totally Crazy Eights is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

If you want to play a longer version of this game, change the number of rounds needed to win.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy