Slackers Slackline Review (Brand 44 Colorado)

Slackers Slackline
What It Is

The Slackers Slackline is like a balance beam or tightrope that you can set up at your home for indoor or outdoor use. The kit comes with a 50-foot slackline with two-inch webbing, a 50-foot teaching line with one-inch webbing, a premium ratchet, and a carrying bag. You will need to provide two eight-foot two-by-four pieces of wood. Once assembled, you can walk from one end of the slackline to the other and test your balance.

Is It Fun?

Walking across the Slackers Slackline is not easy. It really tests your balance, but as kids get better, they can learn to do different tricks and have lots of fun indoors or outdoors.

Who It’s For

The Slackers Slackline is for ages 8 and up. There is a 250-pound weight limit, and even though this is only one foot off the ground, adult supervision is required.

What To Be Aware Of

Assembly took us about 20 minutes. You'll need to make sure that you are setting this up and using it in an area with a suitable amount of room, which is free from any obstacles that could get in your way should you fall off. Always wear closed-toe shoes (such as sneakers) and never bare feet when walking on the slackline.

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