MaxSport Soccer Challenge Review (Diggin Active)

MaxSport Soccer Challenge
What It Is

MaxSport Soccer Challenge is an electronic mat that hangs on a wall indoors or outdoors and keeps track of kids' scores as they kick the included soccer ball at the mat. The mat has built-in sensors strategically placed with numbers on them. When you hit a number with the soccer ball, that number is added to your total score, which is shown in bright red LED lights on the scoreboard. If you hit a white number, you'll hear cheers, but if you hit a red number, you'll hear a buzzer sound. If you hit the ball too softly or if the ball lands between two numbers and nothing happens, you simply reshoot the ball. The object is to get 100 points in as few shots as possible.

The game can be played by one or two players. In two-player mode, each player gets a turn to shoot, and the first player to reach 100 points wins. The lights on the side of the scoreboard remind kids whose turn it is.

Is It Fun?

This is a fun and interactive soccer game for young fans. It's not really a soccer training tool, although soccer fans will tell you that any practice with a ball is good for young players. The ball is not a real soccer ball and is only somewhat round, which makes pinpoint targeting more difficult. For little ones, this won't be a problem, but for older or more advanced kids, we recommend a size 2 or 1 mini ball for better accuracy.

Who It’s For

The MaxSport Soccer Challenge is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This requires three AA batteries, which are not included.

Hanging materials, such as screws and nails, are not included, and an adult should be the one to hang the mat. When hanging, the mat should be flush to the floor and against a hard surface for best results.

If you're using this indoors, don't play in an area where there are a lot of expensive items around. Use this in a playroom or designate it as an outdoor-only toy. Just don't store it outside, and make sure to keep it away from water and moisture.

The included soccer ball is not a real soccer ball, and it's only somewhat round, which makes pinpoint targeting more difficult. We recommend using a size 2 or 1 mini ball for better accuracy.

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  • Value

    3 AA batteries required