Style Me Up! Wrap a Jewel Review (Wooky Entertainment)

Style Me Up! Wrap a Jewel
What It Is

Style Me Up! Wrap a Jewel lets kids decorate two bracelets and two necklace pendants with colorful thread and jewels. It's as easy as wrapping the string around the bracelet or pendant. The kit comes with everything kids need, including two pendants, two bracelets, 450 beads, 20 rhinestones, five colors of cotton thread, sparkling ribbon, waxed cord, four jump rings, double-sided tape, and color instructions. However, you will also need scissors, and it's recommended that you also have clear nail polish and tape handy.

To start, cut a small piece of the double-sided tape and place it on the inside of a bracelet or the back side of a pendant. Choose some thread and stick the end of it onto the double-sided tape. Then wrap the thread around the bracelet so that it sticks to the exposed tape. As you're wrapping, you can string beads and rhinestones onto the thread. To finish a pendant necklace, attach a jump ring through the pendant's hole and string some cord through the jump ring. The instructions show kids how to tie the cord into a knot so they can wear the necklace.

Is It Fun?

Kids who love making their own jewelry will really love making colorful and sparkly bracelets and necklaces with this kit. This can be a time-consuming project depending on how detailed kids want to get with their decorating, so it's really best for kids who enjoy this type of activity and who have patience.

Who It’s For

The Style Me Up! Wrap a Jewel kit is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

We found it difficult to string the rhinestones and beads onto the thread even when we painted the ends of the thread with clear nail polish as the instructions recommended. We wish this kit had come with a beading needle to make that step a little easier.

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