The LEGO Movie Trash Chomper Review (LEGO)

The LEGO Movie Trash Chomper
What It Is

The LEGO Movie: Trash Chomper from LEGO is a 389-piece building set from The LEGO Movie. The set builds the Trash Chomper or Garbage Truck, a Micro Manager robot and three minifigures: Garbage Man Grant, Garbage Man Dan and the chef, Gordon Zola.

This set is a "2-in-1" set, which means the pieces can be used to build two different items. One set of instructions will build the Garbage Truck but there is also another instruction booklet that builds the Trash Chomper.

The Garbage Truck has a large rear door that automatically opens by turning the knob on the side of the truck. Inside, there is a trash Masher where all of the included trash accessories can be thrown. The truck's cab has a pop off roof so kids can easily put figures in or take them out of the driver's seat. If kids build the Trash Chomper, the same pieces become a flying vehicle with a snapping mouth.

The Micro Manager robot also has several fun play features including moveable claw arms and wings that flip out to reveal four flick missiles.

Is It Fun?

Kids love garbage trucks; it's that simple. They'll also enjoy the versatility of building and playing with two different models. Kids who have seen the movie will be familiar with the characters, but this is classic play all on its own as well.

Who It’s For

This set is recommended for LEGO fans, ages 8 to 14. However, given the content of the movie, it's most likely to appeal to kids at the younger end of the age range. Kids who have seen the movie will recognize the characters and pieces but they don't have to see the movie to enjoy this set.

What To Be Aware Of

The directions are excellent and most LEGO builders should be able to complete this set in about an hour.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy